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Ching Tin' is a company that primarily produces and designs all sorts of stainless sprayers and humidifiers.
Founded in 1960, Ching Tin now has been more than 50 years. Since the early period of Taiwan's agricultural society, Ching Tin had already engaged in all kinds of sprayers and also parts manufacturing. In 1978, it moved to the present site.

During the time when Taiwan's economy soared, Ching Tin had long been engaged in exporting and therefore developed a stable cooperation with overseas enterprises. Over the years, Ching Tin constantly refined and improved the products. The techniques have gradually granted a foundation of both domestic and foreign markets, which makes Ching Tin become a well-known spray and humidifier manufactory.

Ching Tin upholds the commercial integrity and professionalism to serve our customers. With specially-made production equipment and also highly-skilled technical and customised production, overseas firms tend to think highly of our company. Ching Tin not only maintains the manufacturing profession but also provides customised design, testing, improvement and other services, resulting in our steady growth.

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ADD:No.53, Zhanglu Rd., Changhua City, Changhua County 500, Taiwan
TEL: +886-4-7524571 ‧+886-4-7524782‧FAX: +886-4-7524573
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