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Ching Tin Sprayer-The Gardening of post modern agriculture (Quality agriculture)
ChingTin Sprayer is the reliable partner for your gardening

The potential of gardening market is getting more powerful and pwoerful.Experencing the early period of Taiwan's agricultural society,the agricultural has been trending to specialize and professionalize.Besides, the one kind of agricultural,Gardening, which is in vigorous development ,has entered to people’s home and lives. In view of this, Ching Tin company choose the way which make some of our product position on “light and handy” and easily using.
Just let ChingTin Sprayer take care of your flowers and Planting!

Indispensable for Gardeing-Sprayer

With leisure and recreation wanted, there are more and more garden,villa,even skypark. In order to take care of your flowers and planting,you must have to chose the sprayers manufactured by Ching Tin Sprayer. The Stainless steel tank with brass spray valve and lance will provide years of reliable service.The spray fineness is just suitable for your planting to absord and the lance can go deep into the place where you can’t touch.

Besides, the traditional knapsack type,which is much bigger and heavier, is gradually substituted by smaller sprayer.For years,Ching Tin also produce and focus on the sprayer which is suitable for the olders and women. For example:
they are easy to be carried and hung up on the shoulder.These products are very suitable and can do the reliable service especially for samll range spray.Besides,not only can Sprayer be used in Gardening,but also be used in pest control, vector control or disinfection.
Ching Tin Sprayer will keep providing the best quality product for all of gardeners and consumers.Once you have any related inquire for sprayer and humidifier, kindly feel free to contact us.Ching Tin Sprayer is always ready!

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