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The Key to make Orchid bloom-Ching Tin HUMIDIFIER
The trends of Quality Agriculture(post modern agriculture)- Indoor Cultivation
In recent years, the greenhouse effect and Pollution push people to innovate and Progress on the technique of indoor cultivation.
We can overcome the changeable weather and avoid pollution to make the suitable condition for the growing of Orchid,mushroom, Antrodia camphorata,vegetable,fruits and some kinds of Industrial crop.
From the huge plant facotry to normal garden in family,”Put the Agriculture indoor” is the lastest trends.
Moreover, according to different condition which can make plants grow,people design different “indoor weather”.This is one kind of Quality Agricultures(post modern agriculture).At the same time,it also makes the running mode of farm change from normal farming to tour worth, so that people can have the leisure time and spend more time to embrace the happness of pastoral type.

The Key to make Orchid bloom-Ching Tin HUMIDIFIER
Humidity is one kind of indispensables conditions for Orchids to bloom successfully, and therefore Ching Tin Humidifier is the ideal machine which can increase the humidity in the air for your green house and cool down the temperature by evaporation.In the area where the summer temperature heats up to 30°C above ,or the cold area where snows in winter,Ching Tin Humidifier accompanying with air cycle system can create the ideal environment,such as suitable humidity, sunlight and temperature, to make Orchids Bloom.

The 50-years Old Brand- Ching Tin Humidifier
With more than 50-years experience,Ching Tin will always keep engaged in supplying High quality Humidifiers and Sprayers.
GD-3600 / GD-6600
100% made in Taiwan

3-4LTR water per hour consuming
Spray 2.5 – 3.5 meter height,very fine and small particles spray can be spread and evaporated shortly.

Ching Tin Humidifier
‧Movable‧Easily install‧Plug & Play‧
‧metal handle for hang‧Spray hose unnecessary‧

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